Getting Started

This guide outlines the minimal steps to get PyKwiki serving static files.


PyKwiki does not require anything outside of Python, but it does require the following Python packages:

The above packages should be auto-installed when PyKwiki is installed.

Install PyKwiki

You can download the directly, or simply run:

$ sudo pip install -I pykwiki==1.1.6

Create a new project

The pykwiki new <Name> command creates a project directory in the current working directory. The project directory will be named <Name>.

$ cd ~
$ mkdir pykwiki_projects
$ cd pykwiki_projects
$ pykwiki new MySite

Serve the default content

$ cd MySite/
$ pykwiki cache -f
$ cd docroot
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 5000

Now you can navigate to http://localhost:5000 to see that PyKwiki is working.


PyKwiki is now ready for final tweaks.