Warning: This documentation is only compatible with version 1.0 and newer.


Below is a typical config.yaml file

# Maximum number of words to use in a blurb
blurb_max: 50
# The default home page to be written as docroot/index.html
    # The site title, used in <title>
    title: My PyKwiki Project
    # Author for use in meta name=author
    author: Example Author
    # Description for use in meta name=description
    description: "Example Site Description
        goes here"
    # Keywords for use in meta name=keywords
    keywords: "example, pykwiki"
    # (new in v1.0.5) Base URL is used by RSS feeds, no web_prefix
# Theme is a subdirectory of themes/
theme: default
# Web prefix, must not end with "/"
web_prefix: ''
# The project's directory
base_path: /home/HarryPotter/MyPyKwikiProject/
# The date format used by posts
date_format: '%B %d, %Y'
# The time format used by posts
time_format: '%H:%M:%S'
# The timestamp format used by posts, this must match
#   the format found in the post data block, if specified
timestamp_format: '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M'
# Post list section
    # How many posts to show per page
    per_page: 5
    # Maximum number of pages to render
    max_pages: 20
    # What type of post data to display (blurb, preview, full)
    post_type: preview
    # What field to order posts by (mtime, title)
    order_field: mtime
    # What direction to order posts (descending, ascending)
    order_type: descending