Frequently Asked Questions

About authoring

How do I specify the date of the post?

In the post configuration section, set the timestamp key. It must match the format from config.yaml - timestamp_format.


title: My Post
tags: [stuff, moar stuff]
timestamp: 2013-11-13 21:14

See: Post Data Block for more information.

How do I set a list of posts as my homepage?

To set your home page to posts.html change config.yaml -> home_page to the following:

home_page: posts.html

About theming

What theme templates are required?

The required templates and files for a theme can be found under theme directory structure on the Creating Themes page.

About configuring

What does a project directory look like?

You should checkout Getting Started, but it basically looks like this:


What webservers work with PyKwiki?

Any webserver that serves static files should work with PyKwiki. Two popular choices include Apache2 and Nginx.

What versions of Python work with PyKwiki?

PyKwiki officially works with the following versions:

Python 3.2 is not supported because the Jinja2 2.6 package does not support Python 3.2. Because PyKwiki requires Jinja2, there is no way around this.

Python 3.2 will not work