Compare PyKwiki, WordPress, Drupal, and MediaWiki

PyKwiki WordPress Drupal MediaWiki
Authoring Markdown file-based WYSIWYG WYSIWYG MediaWiki web editor
Hosting Static files PHP and MySQL required PHP and MySQL required PHP and MySQL required
Security As secure as the web host Requires patching Requires patching Requires patching
Search Simple weighted Simple weighted Weighted or natual language1 Natural language
Cross-post inclusion Built-in No Available via plugins Built-in
Post Templates Built-in Available via plugins Available via plugins Built-in
Revert changes Via repository, such as Git Requires plugins Requires plugins Built-in
Portable Yes, anything with Markdown No Not by default1 No, unless target supports MediaWiki syntax
  1. Supported with additional plugins
  2. Supported with protocol specific plugins, but not all protocols and methods are supported, ie: authoring from a git repository.